Calvert County is the place my family and I call home. It is a place where we often pack lunches to bring to Flag Ponds or one of the other parks to play for hours, and always run into someone we know.

Our residents have a true sense of community; we have great schools, stellar law enforcement, fire and rescue, and emergency medical personnel.  As amazing as Calvert County is, we also have our challenges.

Although the overall violent crime rate is relatively low, most homicides that occur in Calvert County, occur on our roads.  Since the day of my appointment with the Calvert State’s Attorney’s Office in 2007, I have prosecuted every vehicular homicide case.  We need to continue to aggressively prosecute individuals who drive after consuming alcohol or drugs, drive in a reckless manner and drive while distracted.  I’ve worked towards changing legislation to increase the penalties of these offenses, and there is more work to be done.

There is an on-going opiate epidemic that must be swiftly addressed.  We need a District Court diversion program for minor drug offenses that allow a person’s addiction to be addressed prior to them committing more serious offenses as well as programs that will help them to become productive members of our community.

Due largely to the opiate prevalence, there are numerous property crimes, including:  burglary, theft and vehicle tampering to name a few.  I intend to vigorously prosecute these crimes.  When appropriate, I also will work with other aspects of the judicial system to provide these individuals the tools needed to break free from their opiate addiction.

I am asking for your support to be Calvert’s next State’s Attorney.   I love Calvert County and want to ensure it remains a safe place to raise our families.  Our children should be safe, our young adults should be free from drug addiction, our community should be safe from crime and our elderly should feel secure.  I will address the challenges we face head on to ensure our community is safer and better for everyone.